TikTok-style dating app aims to compete with Tinder, Bumble

Following the rise of TikTok, Lolly CEO Marc Baghadjian is looking to revolutionize online dating and compete with long-time industry leaders Match (MTCH), Tinder, and Bumble (BMBL). The app combines social media and dating into one video-driven feed. “It's just like a TikTok feed,” Lolly CEO Marc Baghadajian told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “Video is just so much more obvious because you can actually be funny and be talented. You could still be attractive, just like you would with photo.

Duolingo CEO says he doesn't worry about recession: ‘We want this to be a 100-year company’

As the possibility of a recession continues to weigh on tech stocks, language-learning website and mobile app Duolingo (DUOL) is shrugging off near-term volatility and focusing on future growth. Duolingo shares jumped by about 30% on May 12 after the Pittsburgh-based company reported first-quarter earnings, and the stock has fluctuated as a sell-off driven by steep losses in tech stocks rocked the market in recent weeks. “Our stock has fared pretty well, considering everything that's been goin

Electric air taxis will provide 'another option for people to move around the city,’ Eve Co-CEO says

The future of electric mobility is expanding beyond cars and trucks as another aircraft startup hits the public markets. Eve (EVEX), which hopes to bring electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to the skies by 2026, debuted on the New York Stock exchange via a SPAC merger with Zanite Acquisition Corp on May 10. Instead of trying to capture share from airlines, the company is working to make flying cars a reality and displace rideshare stalwarts like Uber (UBER). "I don't intend

Denver's housing market is ‘four-alarm fire’ hot, realtor says

Denver's housing market surged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and lately, it's been growing even tighter. "Our market is just so red hot — I mean, it's not just red, it is a four-alarm fire," Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Realtor and Broker Associate Kathy Casey told Yahoo Finance (video above). "And being a Colorado native... it is really kind of heartbreaking to see how expensive things are in the old neighborhoods and how quickly that has gone up." The median home value in the De

AriZona Beverages founder describes why a can of iced tea is still $0.99

Inflation may have reached a 40-year high, but AriZona Beverages has no plans to raise the $0.99 selling price on its 23-ounce cans of iced tea. “I've seen inflation before, and it's not a pretty sight for a consumer who's trying to manage their budget,” AriZona Beverages co-founder Don Vultaggio told Yahoo Finance (video above). “And since I started out as a working man and a real blue-collar guy, I recognize how important it is, from a manufacturing point of view, to help maintain pricing so

e.l.f. cosmetics, Ulta among American teens’ favorite beauty brands: Survey

Teen spending is bouncing back from pandemic lows, according to a recent survey of American teen consumer trends, and e.l.f. cosmetics (ELF) and Ulta (ULTA) are among the top beauty beneficiaries. According to Piper Sandler’s latest semi-annual Generation Z survey, which gathered input from 7,100 teens in 44 states from February 16 to March 22, e.l.f ranked first as the preferred makeup brand for female teens while beauty retailer Ulta strengthened its position as the top beauty destination. T

Gender diversity in asset management hasn’t improved ‘in many, many years,’ strategist says

Gender diversity in asset management is still lacking, according to a recent white paper from Goldman Sachs. The authors of the paper found that women have been underrepresented and undervalued as investors, even though they comprise half of the world's population, earn $20 trillion annually, and control more than a third of the total household wealth. “We saw that 11% of the entire universe is female portfolio managed, which is still very small," Candice Tse, managing director at Goldman Sach

Retirement: Gen Z 'is actually saving money' while millennials aren't, researcher says

A split between generations of Americans is beginning to form when it comes to saving for retirement. According to the upcoming Center for Generational Kinetic’s (CGK) Annual State of Gen Z study, details of which were shared with Yahoo Finance, 70% of Gen Z respondents (aged 10-25 years) stated that it's important to invest now so they can retire in the future while 45% of millennials (aged 26-41 years) are putting off saving for retirement. “What our research shows in multiple studies is tha

Gas prices ‘without a doubt’ changing consumer behavior, AAA spokesman explains

Drivers around the nation are beginning to shift their driving habits in response to soaring gas prices as the White House attempts to present the pain at the pump in a full context. As of March 19, the national average gas price was $4.26 a gallon. And while that has come down a few pennies from a week ago, U.S. drivers are "without a doubt" making lifestyle changes to adapt to higher fuel costs, Robert Sinclair Jr., the AAA Northeast Public Affairs Senior Manager, told Yahoo Finance Live (vid

'The pivotal issue' for women coming out of the pandemic, according to the Dress for Success CEO

After pandemic-related factors drove many women out of the workforce, the nonprofit Dress for Success has been busy helping women return to work by providing professional attire and development services. "The pivotal issue for us right now… is we really are focused on getting women back to the workplace as we come around the other side of the pandemic," Michele Meyer-Shipp, CEO of Dress for Success, told Yahoo Finance (video above). "The pandemic has set women back three decades in the workforc